The taste is out of this world – it’s natural, malty and fruity!

Exquisite in taste and unrelenting in its internal and external intrinsic qualities.


Remember – Honey is a natural comforter, especially on cold and dank misty days – would you depend on any other honey?


People from all over the UK visit Troway Hall to see for themselves this spectacular environment, where trees and bees live in a symbiotic relationship - and where the shop has over 42 different bee products - make it a date at some time in your life!


Natural Bioactive Honey has been used for centuries for wound healing (including The Crimean War, The Napoleonic Wars and World Wars I and II). Indeed, the skin of seriously burned pilots during WWII was reconstituted by the application of Natural Bioactive Honey directly onto an external dressing. It served them better than any pharmaceutical product and Natural Bioactive Honey today is still used throughout the world on burns.

MediBee Bio Active Honey