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Melbourne Soap Company

Melbourne Soap Company set up in July 2018 and specialises in handmade natural soaps   

that are good for your skin and are kind to skin conditions.

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Their Story

After suffering with eczema for the past 40 years I decided to make my own soaps to help my skin. 

I’ve not used a store bought soap since!!

In April 2019 a range of medium soap bars were born for wedding favours in mind.  Why not give your wedding guests a natural, useful beautiful gift that is good for their skin and also for the environment.

In July 2019 Happy Waggers pet range was born.  A 100% natural handmade selection of waxes, balms and shampoo bars for cats, dogs and horses.  

Human Shampoo Bars recipe are ready and tested, just awaiting the chemist to certify and sign off.  Expected date for sale approx October 2019.

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